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United Petro Group
(Unit of United Oil & Gas Group)


The United Petro Group is a global energy trading company. UPG was founded by Dr. Alexander Ganapathi. United Petro has its presence globally at Singapore, United Arab Emirates, China, Netherlands and in Ireland. United Petro Group has long-term contracts and established relationships with numerous crude oil producing companies around the world. Among others, crude oil and products origins include UAE, Russia, CIS Countries, Tunisia, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, and Kuwait.

United Petro Group is proud of its strategic alliances which enables it to move petroleum products and crude oil almost anywhere around the globe. We regularly charter vessels of all sizes to transport our cargos with our in-house shipping company. UPG is based out of Europe and with a strong presence at Netherlands, UAE, Singapore, China, and Brunei. With tank storage facilities and in-house shipping, UPG boasts of a well-experienced team with vast and diverse expertise in the Oil & Gas industry. 

Our Team
Dr. Ganapathi Dhiwaghar
Founder & Group Chairman
United Petro Group
United Oil & Gas Group
Mr. Jialong Gong
Group Chairman
Great United Petroleum
Holdings Co. Ltd
Great United Petro 
Trading Co. Ltd. 
Mr. Mark Ebanks
Americas & Caribbean 
Mr. Adam Naylor
Business Development
Mr. Ji Haihe
Chief Executive Officer
Great United Petro Trading Co. Ltd.
Vigneshwar G.D
Director - IT & Compliance
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