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Procedures - DIP & PAY

       1.UPG will provide ‘Procedure Document’ along with gross & net price, available quantity, product specifications / SCO
       2. Buyer to provide ICPO, Company profile, Passport copy, TSA if any, CPA if any
       3. UPG will release the CI to the buyer within few hours along with Draft SPA and NCNDA. Buyer send back to UPG duly                signed CI and NCNDA within 24 hours.
       4. UPG and Buyer signs the slandered SPA with appropriate penalty clause within 24 hours.
       5. Buyer signs the IMFPA
       6. Upon duly signed SPA, within few hours, the buyer will receive the PPOP along with ATV from UPG.
       7. Buyer will receive either SGS or Inspectorate Dip Test Report conducted at our Tank Storage or Refinery Tank storage                (24hrs/48hrs), Buyer will verify the Dip Test Report directly with SGS or Inspectorate (OR) BUYER CAN DEMAND DTA,                BY PROVIDING SGS CODE, WE WILL PROVIDE DTA
       8. Upon successful dip test / verifications at our leased Tank Storage Farm, Injection will start into the buyer Tank Storage              Farms or Ships (TSA along with TSR / CPA is must at this stage along with ATV)
       9. Buyer pays MT 103 to UPG along with ‘Title Transfer’ and transfer all documents under buyer’s name.
      10.If buyer fails to release the payment within 24 - 48 international banking hours, then the buyer is liable to pay the Tank                Fees until the date of injections along with 2% penalty of the total cargo cost to UPG.

For Price - Please feel free to contact us. Prices may vary based on the market. 

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