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The Team
Dr. Ganapathi Dhiwaghar
Founder & Group Chairman
United Petro Group
United Oil & Gas Group

Dr. Ganapathi A Dhiwaghar (Dr.D) has many distinctions to his name in a very short span. He has been in international business since he was just 19 as a research student in Detroit, USA. Before that, at the age of 16, he was a scientist. He has invented a procedure whereby “ginning of cotton can be conducted at site”, on the fields. He has invented few other innovative concepts in Wind Energy by using Air Inducing Wind for producing electricity. He has gained a Bachelor degree in Textiles and later an MBA specializing in Marketing & Advertising. He also achieved his Ph.D. in Business Management. Before laying the foundations of Raidnet Group Worldwide in Singapore at the age of 35, he kept making a mark of his genius all over the world. At the age of 19, he joined the Ohio based Group (SLS Group) as Partner & Vice President. He pioneered the unique concept of “Global Trading Partners” – a billion dollar club, funded by the Federal Government & Bank One. Simultaneously he was also involved in a very specialized business of International Trade of Hard Commodities and Crude Oil.


At the age of 27, he associated with an Investment Bank from the Saladin Family (one of the Original Royal Families of Switzerland) in Geneva. He was involved in High Finance and Project structuring. He has also been very successful in ‘G’ to ‘G’ grants & government project funding. He has arranged finances for numerous mega projects and likewise, his association with the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia among others in the Middle East began. 

At the age of 34, he started his association with the Montreal based Infrastructure & Project Management group, viz., Geracon International Group and became an equity owner of Geracon Group by the age of 37. At the age of 37, on behalf of Geracon International Limited, he signed all Government Initiated business in infrastructure in Myanmar (erstwhile, Burma) through sheer hard - work, vision, and application of his experience. He is also one of the major shareholders of a Research-based organization called “Modubuild Limited” in Chesterfield, UK. He has been investing his funds in various sectors such as education, manufacturing, healthcare, distribution, international trade, banking, IT, construction, energy, wireless technology, irrigation, project management, quality management, smart cards, hi-technology industries, etc.

Mr. Jialong Gong is a Senior Economic Specialist and is the Chairman of Great United Petro Trading Co. Ltd (GUPT) & Great United Petroleum Holdings Co. Ltd. (GUPC). 


He is the Founder Chairman of Tianfa Petroleum Holding Co. in 1988 and successfully publicly listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In 1997, Tianfa Group actively involved in petroleum, agriculture, paper industry and daily chemical industry.  He served as the Chairman of the Board and acquired seven large paper making companies in China under Sui Lun Paper Making Group Co.   Mr. Gong acquired China’s largest household chemicals company “Power 28 Group Co., Ltd” and served as Chairman.


Later in 2004, Mr. Gong united 100 private oil companies to found the China Chamber of Commerce for Petroleum Industry (CCCPI) and served as President. CCCPI has now increased to more than 2000 members


Mr. Gong and his vision for LNG reserves led the company to become a major shareholder of Canada Stewart Energy Group which is building a large LNG project in Canada by taking advantage of rich gas resource in Canada, capital in Hong Kong which serves as financial center, and huge consumer markets in China and other Asian countries along belt and road, the company will focus on developing LNG projects including upstream, midstream and downstream, and strive to become one of the most influential gas power groups in China and around the world. Mr.Gong's vision and experience have helped drive this organization to reach massive heights in the Chinese market. 

Mr. Jialong Gong
Group Chairman
Great United Petroleum
Holdings Co. Ltd
Great United Petro 
Trading Co. Ltd. 

Mr. Mark Ebanks is actively involved in Private banking, International trade, shipping, minerals and Crude oil exploration.  He is UPG’s mentor for Crude oil exploration and refinery activities. 


He hails from the Ebanks of the Cayman Islands, who are the original founders of the Cayman Islands banking industry. 


Mr. Ebanks is heading our activities at USA and the Caribbean region. He is a great asset to United Petro Group. He is one of the pillars of United Petro Group in particular towards our growth in Americas and the Caribbean. 

Mr. Mark Ebanks
Americas & Caribbean 

Starting out as a humble Telecommunications Engineer, after traveling the world specifically the last 16 years in Asia, experiencing new countries, cultures and people and the effects that technology had on the growth of nations the change to a career in energy was inevitable. Leveraging the solid skill set of 14 years in a multinational company, and skillfully integrating entrepreneurship and energy sector experience into the mix, the successful transition to an energy-based career was made.



He is currently heading Business development at United Petro Group.

Mr. Adam Naylor
Director - Business Development

Mr. Ji Haihe is a business graduate from the University of East London and has more than 23 years of experience in many disciplines including logistics, supply chain management, and the Oil & Gas industry. 


Mr. Ji Haihe is heading as the CEO of GUPT and is actively involved in Oil terminals, Trading Crude Oil, LNG and LPG. His leadership brings many successful transactions and has been spearheading UPG’s growth and presence in China. Mr. Ji has been the driving force behind the success of UPG-GUPC JV company Great United Petro Trading Co. Ltd. 

Mr. Ji Haihe
Chief Executive Officer
Great United Petro Trading Co. Ltd.
Mr. Vigneshwar
Director - IT & Compliance

Eng. Vigneshwar is heading United Petro Group IT & Compliance Division since 2012 and building the entire IT infrastructure of the UPG worldwide operations. He is instrumental in the Group SOPs and Operational Procedures.


An entrepreneur by passion inspired by his father. He started his first organization which was an NGO to plant trees in rural areas in India at the age of 15. Moved on to complete his four-year degree in Electronics engineering and then started his career in core operations at Amazon. He was spearheading the central operations overlooking at workforce management and capacity planning. Later moved on to work at Ernst & Young handling operations in the Assurance team.


At the age of 25, he founded his first company – Octagate Technologies Pvt Limited which is currently building mobile & web applications specifically in Logistics, B2B transportation, Healthcare and in IoT. This start-up is also setting up an investment fund to invest in early stage start-ups across India and parts of Asia.


He has been involved in setting up the end to end IT solutions required to manage the entire business’s sales processes on the cloud powered by Salesforce and Google. He also assisted in trading activities at UPS Fujairah and concluded many transactions. Eng. Vigneshwar’s contributions towards the UPG is significant of the group expansions.

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